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“A refreshingly honest story about one of South Africa’s most tenacious and ballsy entrepreneurs. A book every go-getter should read.”

Gidon Novick, CEO & Entrepreneur

Rael Levitt

It Takes A Tsunami
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When Rael Levitt stepped onto the podium at Quoin Rock Wine Estate in December 2011, he was CEO of the industry-pioneering Auction Alliance and at the pinnacle of a glittering 20-year career.

But then disaster struck.

After being accused by a powerful billionaire of using a ghost bidder to inflate the bid price, Levitt’s reputation was obliterated. In an echo of the Boxing Day tsunami that he survived in 2004, the self-made entrepreneur was overwhelmed by a media-driven scandal that came at him like a train of killer waves. Once the face of South African auctions, he seemingly sank without a trace.

But he was not beaten. A decade later Levitt has a thrilling rise-and-fall-and-rise-again story to tell.

The lessons he learnt from suffering catastrophe and finding the tenacity to survive have laid the foundations for success. At once candid and controversial, Levitt’s story is ultimately an uplifting one, revealing that the greater the tsunami, the greater the lesson.

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